Before Sedation

Sedation Instructions and Information

   Our main concerns are to provide high quality care and a positive experience for your child. In selected instances, sedation is recommended in order to help accomplish these goals by making the dental visit as easy as possible.

   Sedation usually involves the use of several drugs together, and the particular combination and dosage of drugs is individually tailored to your child's needs. Use of sedation will generally help relax and relieve fear and anxiety. Though we DO NOT "put children to sleep," they often nap lightly.

   In order to help insure a successful sedation appointment, your understanding and cooperation of the following is necessary.

1) Do not give your child anything to EAT four (4) hours before the appointment and nothing to DRINK two (2) hours before. This helps avoid vomiting and resulting complications during sedation.

2) Do NOT give your child any medications before or after the appointment unless discussed with the dentist or instructed to do so by the dentist.

3) Notify us if there is a change in your child's health during the week prior to his/her visit. (Ex. cold/flu/cough)

4) Do not plan further activities for your child on the day of his/her appointment. Please allow your child to rest and relax for the remainder of the day.

If you have any questions or concerns please call our office and our staff can help you. 979-297-2308